Hi, I'm Kath Harding.

I’m an illustrator and graphic designer originally from South Africa, and currently living and drawing in Herefordshire, UK. I studied Fine Art and have worked as a graphic designer for over 20yrs. 

I’m passionate about progressive thinking, sustainability, diversity, mental health, and how people connect. I absolutely love drawing people and they pretty much always feature in my drawings. My illustration style is colorful and full of energy. I use a combination of hand and digitally drawn elements to bring movement and feeling to my artwork. 

Want to work together? To get in touch please email: hello@kathharding.com

Selected clients include: Facebook, Gulfstream, Nissan, CTPA, Spiceworks

makemark.co.uk is my other website where you can find examples of my design work.

All images © Kath Harding unless otherwise stated.

Pete and Daisy (BFF)

A self-initiated project about relationships using hand and digital illustration techniques. Mixed media: watercolor inks and acrylic paint markers.

Pete and Daisy (BFF) |  | Kath Harding

To Feed or Not To Feed

Empathy in the Workplace


Flowers for Her

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Girl on a Sofa

Pub Chats

Rave Dave

Spring Dance

Dwayne Hates Cockroaches

Harriet Could Run Like the Wind

Dickie and Dot Step Out

Moira and Her Smelly Slippers

Grace and Olivia (BFF)